Lake Bled

The first of many destinations we will explore in Slovenia will be the admired Lake Bled and some of its natural beauties surrounding. Lake Bled is our first destination of exploration as it is famous for having the only island in Slovenia that is situated on the west side of Lake Bled. This picturesque lake and surrounding town of Bled is located in northern Slovenia and is iconic of Slovenia due to the uniqueness of the island and picturesque nature of the surrounding town of Bled, the Bled Castle and the church located on the island.

Post 2 - Lake Bled from Bled Castle.jpg

Bled Castle with Lake Bled and Island in background

Lake Bled has grown to become an iconic and popular tourist destination for Slovenia. This popularity is not only belonging to the natural beauty of the lake and surrounding mountains but also the history behind the region. With Bled Castle situated on one of the hills along the north shore having been used as a vantage point over the Lake and local town of Bled. The island itself is a hot spot for tourists due to its history, with the most noteworthy building being the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The church is particularly popular spot for weddings with tradition saying that the groom must carry the bride up the 99 stairs leading to the church and ringing the bell located at the top of the 52 meter tower for good luck.

Due to Lake Bled becoming such a tourist hot spot areas such as the Bled Castle will leave your wallets bled dry according to Sean McLachlan a fellow travel blogger. Instead it is recommended to steer clear of these tourist hot spots, other activities to take in the majestic scenery include a 6km walk around the lake, or a visit to the local Vintgar Gorge as pictured below. It is obvious why Bled is such an iconic region of Slovenia and a potential tourist trap.

Post 2 - Lake Bled Island

Lake Bleds island looking up the 99 stairs toward the church


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